What is General Revelation? How Everyone Knows God?

God reveals himself to everybody through general revelation. God reveals himself through nature, history (providence), and people.

General revelation is the idea that God has revealed himself in certain ways to everyone.

Three ways God reveals himself in general revelation

  • God reveals himself in nature. (Psalm 19, Romans 1:20)
  • God reveals himself in history and divine providence. (John 18)
  • God reveals himself in people made in God’s image.

The problem is not that God did not reveal himself. Rather, we suppress the truth of God revealed to everyone through general revelation. (Romans 1:18)

Difference between general revelation and special revelation

  • General revelation is not sufficient for salvation. It is sufficient to make us accountable and culpable of our sinful rebellion against God.
  • Special revelation is required to understand God’s mercy and plan for redemption, that is, the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • For us today, God’s special revelation is the Bible.

“You cannot blame a God that you do not believe exists.”

Resources on General Revelation