God Reveals Himself, and God Speaks

We know God because He has revealed Himself to us. We cannot discover God on our own. Thankfully, God has revealed Himself, and He has spoken.

– Activity: Two Truths and One Lie


  • Has anyone ever kept a secret from you?
  • No matter how much you might want to know the secret, until someone tells you, you just cannot know what it is.
  • It’s the same way with knowing who God is.

1. General Revelation

  • God has made himself known to everyone in 2 ways.

A. Creation: “the word he has made”

  • Psalm 19v1–2, Romans 1v19–20
  • Think with me what are some of the qualities of God that we can see by looking at different parts of the world
  • Flower, stars in the night sky, music – Job 38v4–11

B. Conscience: “God has made us with a deep inner understanding of things that are right and things that are wrong.”

  • When we lie to our parents, we can tell inside us that this is wrong to do.
  • Romans 2v14–15

2. Special Revelation: God Speaks

But God did not just make himself known through his actions. God has also spoken.

The Bible is where we read what God says.

2 Timothy 3v16–17

  • “all” of Scripture, not just part of it
  • “breathed out by God” – the Bible comes from God’s own mouth.

1 Thessalonians 2v13

  • the Bible really is “the word of God.”

2 Peter 1v20–21

  • The human authors of Scripture were “carried along by the Holy Spirit” as they wrote.

Since God has spoken to us through the Bible, we should read, study, memorize, meditate, and apply God’s word.