9 Best Commentaries on Matthew

Here are nine recommended commentaries on the gospel of Matthew to help your next Bible study or sermon preparation.

9 Best Commentaries on Matthew
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In this article, I highlight the best commentaries on the gospel of Matthew. This is not a comprehensive critical review of each volume. Rather, it is a brief summary of each volume to help you select your first or next commentary on the gospel of John.

I have designated each commentary under one of three categories.

  • Devotional Commentaries: these commentaries are designed to help the average Bible reader understand the meaning of the text. No understanding of Greek is required. All theological terms are clearly defined. Life application may also be discussed.
  • Mid–level Commentaries: these commentaries will often reference the original Greek. You do not need to know Greek, but the commentator assumes a basic understanding of Greek grammar and theological terms.
  • Technical Commentaries: these commentaries contain Greek words and phrases using the Greek alphabet. Without a familiarity with New Testament Greek, popular theological works, and scholarly references, you may find these commentaries more difficult to understand.

1. R.T. France (NICNT, 2007) (Mid-Level)

If I could have only one commentary on Matthew to help me with the exegesis of Matthew, it would be the NICNT commentary published by Eerdmans and written by R.T. France.

2. John MacArthur (1985–1989) (Devotional)

Pastor-teacher John MacArthur has organized his sermons on the gospel of Matthew in a four volume readable commentary. It is not technical, and MacArthur does have a dispensational view that affects the passages that pertain to eschatology. But it is the most thorough devotional level commentary on Matthew and a helpful addition to complement R.T. France's work.

3. Leon Morris (Pillars, 1992) (Mid-Level)

Leon Morris' commentary is a solid resource for pastors and Bible teachers that want to study the overall flow of Matthew and examine the text.

4. Grant Osbourne (ZECNT, 2010) (Technical)

5. D.A. Carson (EBC, 2010) (Mid-Level)

6. John Nolland (NIGNT, 2005) (Technical)

7. Donald A. Hagner (WBC, 1993–1995) (Technical)

8. James Montgomery Boice (2006) (Devotional)

9. Craig S. Keener (2009) (Mid-Level)

Other Notable Commentaries on Matthew


Michael J. Wilkins (NIVAC, 2004)


Craig L. Blomberg (NAC, 1992)


W.D. Davies and Dale C. Allison Jr. (ICC, 3 volume, 2004)

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