Article Guidelines

Guidelines for BibleSumo contributors creating original content for the website.

Article Guidelines
photo by Aaron Burden

Below are some general suggestions as you write original content for the website. These are merely guidelines, so feel free to work outside these guidelines if that is your preference.

A. Types of Written Articles

Here are six types of articles that have been successful on this website.

1. "Listicles"

2. Christian Life

3. Bible Study or Devotional

4. Christian Doctrine (Systematic Theology)

5. Story or Testimony

  • This type of article will usually be an autobiographical story or personal reflection. It usually introduces a problem or crisis, and it will explain how God has helped the individual through this conflict/trial/challenge.

6. Book Review

B. The Body of Your Article

Once you have decided on the type of article you will be writing, begin writing the body of your article. Keep the following guidelines in mind.

1. Length of Your Article

  • Your article should have a minimum of 750 words with a target length of at least 1,000 words.
  • If comprehensive, your article can be longer (up to 5,000 words).

2. Sub-headings (H2 and H3)

  • Use subheadings to help break up your text. Ideally, there should be a sub-heading every 250–500 words. Many readers may skim through your article first, and having sub-headings can help the reader navigate quickly through your article.

3. Length of Your Paragraphs

  • Keep your paragraphs typically to 4 sentences or less.
  • When you have an uninterrupted block of text (lengthy paragraph), it becomes less readable, especially for readers using their mobile device.

4. Visual Aids to Enhance Article

  • Photographs, diagrams, and visual aids are optional but can be helpful.

C. The Summary ("Excerpt") of Your Article

Once you have completed a revised draft of your article, you should craft a succinct article summary.

  • Summary Length: 120–140 characters
  • This summary will be at the top of your article below the article title. It will help the reader make a final determination if he/she should begin reading your article.
  • Our website will submit your "Excerpt" to Google and other search engines to optimize its search engine results.

D. The Title of Your Article

  • Title Length: 57 or fewer characters (best < 50 characters)
    • Ideal number of words is six to eight.
  • Title should give clarity to blog post content.
  • Use a maximum of one superlative (negative superlative is better)
    • Example: "9 Best Study Bibles for Evangelical Christians"