Journaling as a Means for Spiritual Growth

Journaling can help us in many ways in our spiritual growth. Many men in Scripture and church history journal as a spiritual discipline.

Journaling as a Means for Spiritual Growth
Photo by Jan Kahánek / Unsplash

A journal is a place in which a person records important personal information for preservation and consideration.

Examples of People Who Journaled

  • David and the Psalms
  • Jeremiah and Lamentations
  • Augustine and Confessions
  • Jonathan Edwards and Miscellanies and Notes on Scriptures
  • George Whitfield and Diary

8 Reasons to Journal

  1. Journaling helps with self–understanding and evaluation.
  2. Journaling helps with meditation.
  3. Journaling helps express thoughts and feelings to God.
  4. Journaling helps remind us of God’s works.
  5. Journaling helps preserve a spiritual heritage.
  6. Journaling helps clarify and articulate insights.
  7. Journaling helps monitor goals and priorities.
  8. Journaling helps maintain other spiritual disciplines.

Additional Truths to Journaling

  • Journaling is fruitful at any level of involvement.
  • Journaling requires persistence.
  • Journaling must begin before its value is experienced.

How to Journal

  • Using notebook paper or common printer paper.
  • Loose leaf vs. spiral-bound notebook.
  • Hand written vs digital.