God Is Great. God Is Good.

God has unique, incommunicable attributes which no other created thing possess. God also has communicable attributes that he can help us develop.

Activity #1: “I am the greatest…”

  • Write down two things that you can do that no one else in this room can do.
  • Ex: I can drive a car. I can work as a doctor and help people who are sick get well.

God has several important attributes that are unique to Him alone. No other created thing has these incommunicable attributes.

1. God Is Great

A. God Is Eternal

  • God’s life had no beginning. He has no end.
  • There is nothing else that is eternal.
  • We all had a beginning. We each have a birthday.
  • God doesn’t have a birthday. God had no beginning, and he has no end.
  • Ps 90v1-2

B. God Is Holy

  • What does it mean to be holy?
  • To be holy means to be different from anything else.
  • There is no one like God. God is unique. He is separate. He is set apart.
  • Exod 15v11
  • God is holy and separate from everything that is wrong, impure, and sinful.
  • God is truth. There is no falsehood in God.
  • God is faithful. He cannot break His promises.
  • God is righteous. He cannot do evil.

C. God Never Changes (Immutable)

  • God is perfect. He never changes.
  • He cannot get better.
  • He cannot get worse.
  • Ps 102v25-27

The things that make God great are called his incommunicable attributes.

2. God Is Good

Activity #2: “What I can teach you?”

  • Write down one skill that you have that you can teach us and help us develop.
  • I make a delicious split pea soup, and I can teach you how to make it.

God also has some attributes and characteristics that he can help us develop. We will never be perfect like God, but we can strive to be like Him.

A. God is perfectly wise

  • Rom 16v27
  • Knowledge is storing information in your brain.
  • You can have knowledge without wisdom.
  • Wisdom is using knowledge and applying it to solve a problem and fulfill a good purpose.
  • Someone who is cunning uses knowledge to do evil things.
  • Someone who is wise applies knowledge to do what is good, helpful, and right.
  • God knows everything that can be known.
  • God is also perfectly wise, and He decides everything perfectly and brings about all things to work for the best.
  • God’s wisdom is displayed in His creation, His work of salvation, and Jesus’ death on the cross.

B. God is Infinitely Powerful

  • Not only is God perfectly wise, but He is also almighty in His power.
  • Jer 32v17

C. God Is Perfectly Good

  • It’s hard for us to understand when someone is perfectly good.
  • Part of God’s goodness is His love for people in spite of their sin.
  • God shows us grace and mercy.
  • Grace is kindness given to those who deserve punishment.
  • Mercy is kindness given to those who are helpless.
  • Illustration: Loving your sibling when they sin?
  • Eph 2v4-5