Accordance 12 was released in 2016; for Mac and Windows PCs, it is the best free Bible Software.

Accordance 12 Lite

Accordance Bible Software offers their premium software for free. There is no time limit . Accordance 12 Lite is sufficient for Christians who want to devotionally study the Bible.

Let me review the content included in Accordance Lite.

Content of Accordance 12 Lite

1. English Bible Translations with Key Word Tagging
  • English Standard Version (ESV) with Strong’s Numbers
  • King James Version (KJV) with Strong’s Numbers
2. One Volume Commentary
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Condensed)
3. Cross References
  • Treasure of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced
4. Bible Dictionary
  • Easton’s Bible Dictionary
5. Topical Study
  • Nave’s Topical Bible
6. Lexical Study
  • Strong’s Greek Dictionary
  • Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary

The ESV with key word tagging is such a useful feature. You can view the ESV as an interlinear. You can triple click any word to amplify and see its meaning. Hovering over the word gives instant details to the underlying Greek and Hebrew word and definitions in your default Greek and Hebrew dictionary.

You have a condensed version of Matthew Henry’s commentary to get a brief commentary on each paragraph of the Bible. You have an excellent starter Bible dictionary with Easton’s. You can do topical studies with Nave’s topical Bible, and you have the best cross-reference tool with the Enhanced Treasure of Scripture Knowledge.

The only thing missing to complete your basic Bible study library is a good Study Bible with study notes.

Features of Accordance 12 Lite

  • Fast, Easy–to–Use Bible Search Engine
  • Bible Reading Plans
  • Parallels (Harmony of the Gospels, OT Parallels, NT Parallels)
  • Outlines of the Bible
  • International Bible Translations (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian)

Accordance 2.4 Mobile App for iOS

Accordance has a free mobile app that runs on iOS devices (Apple iPhones and iPads). Your library resources in Accordance 12 will also run on Accordance Mobile. It has the best Bible search engine available for any mobile platform. When you purchase additional content for Accordance 12, it automatically becomes available on Accordance Mobile.

Accordance 12 Starter Package

For $60, you can upgrade to the Accordance 12 Starter Package. Highlighed in bold are the additional resources you get with your upgrade.

1. Bible Versions
  • English Standard Version with Strong’s Numbers (ESV) with translator’s notes and cross reference notes
  • King James Version (KJV)
  • American Standard Version (ASV)

It will cost $40 to upgrade the ESV to the ESV Study Bible with its study notes. The ASV is an excellent literal English translation that can complement the ESV for Bible study.

2. One Volume Commentary
  • Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Condensed)
  • New Bible Commentary

The New Bible Commentary is one of my favorite one–volume Bible commentaries. It is modern and very solid.

3. Cross References
  • Treasure of Scripture Knowledge, Enhanced
4. Bible Dictionary
  • Easton’s Bible Dictionary
  • Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible

The Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible is my favorite one–volume Bible Dictionary. It is an abridgment of the 6–volume Anchor Bible Dictionary.

5. Topical Study
  • Nave’s Topical Bible
6. Lexical Study
  • Strong’s Greek Dictionary
  • Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary
  • Mounce’s Concise Greek-English Dictionary
  • Kohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew-Aramaic Dictionary

Mounce’s Greek–English Dictionary is my favorite concise Greek Dictionary, and the Hebrew–Aramaic dictionary is equally excellent.

7. Greek Bible
  • Textus Receptus with Strong’s numbering

The Textus Receptus is a great starting Greek text for beginning Greek students. The interlinear function of Accordance 12 allows the Textus Receptus to make an excellent reverse interlinear.

5 Reasons I Recommend Accordance 12 Bible Software

1. It is free.

For the first time, Accordance Bible Software offers its core Bible software engine for free. It includes the ESV text and a basic Bible study library adequate for most first–time Bible students.

2. It is easy to use.

Logos Bible Software, in my humble opinion, is the most advanced Bible software available. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to use.

Accordance 12 is extremely easy to use. Using Accordance as an electronic concordance is quick and simple. Greek and Hebrews word searches using Strong’s numbering is easy.

3. It is powerful.

Bible scholars William Mounce and Dan Wallace both use Accordance Bible software for their study. Accordance’s graphic search construct engine enables the most powerful morphological and syntactical search available, even surpassing Logos. You to do morphological and syntactical searches, you need to purchase syntax databases and original texts with morphological tagging as an add–on.

4. It is fast.

Most searches in Accordance display instantaneously on my laptop. The same searches using Logos Bible Software take longer to enter, and the computer processing time of a Logos search may require 3-10 seconds.

5. Support is excellent.

The team that makes Accordance Bible software is small compared to other companies like OliveTree and Faithlife (Logos Bible Software). But they are extremely responsive. When I post a question on the forums or send an e-mail asking for help, I get a very personal helpful response in less than 1 business day.

Final Thoughts on Accordance 12

I have been a Logos Bible Software user since the late 1990s. I have spent thousands of dollars in Logos Bible Software, and I still use it regularly. I started using version 7 of Accordance Bible software back in 2007.

For new Bible students looking for their first serious Bible software, I recommend Accordance 12. And if you are looking for Bible software without spending any money, download Accordance 12 Lite today.

When you are ready, you can upgrade to the Accordance 12 Starter package. You will never outgrow the power and simplicity of Accordance 12.